About the Home Inspection Process

  1. We meet at the property where I give you a state-required Home Inspection agreement and contract to read and sign.
  2. I may start a few minutes early on the roof or under the house.
  3. We will walk around the house together while I do a complete inspection of the exterior of the home and we will discuss any items of concern to you and items which I think you should be aware.
  4. Inside the home, I will start in the kitchen by checking the appliances and starting the dishwasher. I check the condition of the cabinets and countertops.
  5. I look at numerous details inside the house which include, but are not limited to, checking the receptacles and light switches; inspecting the ceilings and walls looking for water stains; checking windows and doors; checking the floor for large humps and bows; and making sure bath fans and smoke detectors are operating.
  6. Heating and air-conditioning systems are both checked -- outside temperatures permitting. The furnace heat exchangers are evaluated for excessive rust and visible cracking and I calculate temperature differentials.
  7. Sink, shower, and tub faucets & drains are operated and evaluated. Toilets are operated.
  8. In the attic, I check for proper exits of all vent ducting. I inspect the structural integrity of the attic. I look for any signs of water penetration. I check insulation and ventilation. I walk all around the attic and don't just observe from the access hole.
  9. In the crawlspace, I check for water penetration; the condition of the insulation; structural problems in the floor system and foundation; adequate ventilation; and the condition of any vapor barrier.

American Society of
Home Inspectors

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