About Our Home Inspection Services

Some of the many services offered by RCC:
  • One year warranty inspections.
  • Pre-purchase home inspections. Stucco, septic, carbon monoxide detection, moisture problems, ventilation problems, bat infestation, well water analysis, settlement issues, hardboard siding problems, Polybutylene service pipe problems. Gas furnace problems, electric AC problems, heat pump problems, roof inspections, attic ventilation problems, crawlspace moisture and ventilation problems, leaky ductwork problems, sub-surface water problems, grading and water penetration issues, foundation settlement and deterioration issues, along with any problem associated with older or new construction.
  • Another service offered for out of town buyers is a program called: Continual Monitoring Inspections. This is where Jon agrees to make no less than 6 trips to your house as it is being constructed, from the footing and foundation phase through completion of the home. Pictures and a brief report will follow each site visit. You will constantly have firsthand knowledge regarding any problems that may occur as well as knowing the progress of your new home's construction. This service also includes a free Radon test done with a continuous reading monitor. Numerous customers have chosen this program and all have been extremely satisfied with the results.
Home Inspection by Residential Construction Company = Diversification

How is my home inspection business improving and doing well when so many others are going broke? The answer is diversification. Rather than stay dormant, I saw the need for other services and I provide them. Radon testing has always been an additional fee and most home inspectors do it. Synthetic stucco or EIFS inspections are a specialty and I had to get certified at EDI (Exterior Design Institute) to be able to market and provide that service. About 1/3 of all inspectors used to do well and septic inspections, but about 3 years ago, licensing became necessary to perform septic inspections. Most inspectors didn't get licensed, but I did. This has added to my inspection total. I also offer complete "Continual Monitoring Inspection" packages for people who are out of town and want to see the progression of their new home as well as know someone with their best interest is watching the construction.

Home Inspection Graph

The graph boils down to diversification in a slowing market. It illustrates the results of the diverse mix of services we offer in a market driven by home sales while the housing market is at an all time low.

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